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Granger’s Consultancy Services Ltd is a family run business located in Drongan, Ayrshire being first registered in December 2002 and re-registering as a limited Company in September 2014. The Directors have some 25 years experience in designing Quality Management Systems covering the Commercial sectors. Groundworks are an inclusive area covered by our Inex work groups.


It became apparent that Companies invariably link “Quality” to a ‘cost factor’ when making decisions, when in real terms, “The cost of doing something has proven to be less than the cost of not doing something”, so by delaying that decision Companies could be haemorrhaging money without knowing the reasons why.


By listening to the feedback from our many Clients, Granger’s Consultancy Services Ltd has over the past year, been mapping and developing its own “Qualstanplus®” model which will appeal to prospective Clients and address those pointers raised by existing Clients.


We believe in the power of simplicity and have integrated this philosophy into the ‘Qualstanplus® model to ensure every aspect of design, development and delivery is easily understood.

The model centres upon a ‘process approach’ vice a ‘procedural’ format which enables Clients to:

  • Reduce paper files

  • Manage change more efficiently

  • Make it easier to plan a work task


We are a value adding resource


We pride ourselves for our ability to work inventively, be responsible stewards of Client resources and be prepared to be transparent and accountable for our work always.


We provide Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety services to:

- Construction industry

- Salt processing

- Architectural services

- Ready-mixed concrete production

- Asphalt production and road laying

- Service industry

- Structural engineers

- Structural engineering and fabrication

- Quarrying

- Animal feeds

- Printing


Assist Companies to achieve certification to:

- NHSS Schemes

- Factory Production Control (FPC)

- ‘CE’ Certification

- BS EN ISO 45001:2018

- BS EN ISO9001:2015

- BS EN ISO14001:2015

- BS EN ISO1090-1 & BS EN   ISO1090-2 (Welding)

- PP515 (Kitemark scheme for ready-mixed concrete)

- PP634 (Kitemark scheme for mobile volumetric concrete)

- FEMAS Animal Feed

- UFAS Animal Feed

We also offer Internal Management System and Legal compliance auditing to Companies who may already have a management system in place, but require an external review to ensure their system remains robust.

Provide assistance with identifying and complying with environmental and health and safety legal requirements.

For many years we have been working closely with three Certification Bodies to gain satisfactory certification for our Clients to their respective standard and/or scheme document. This has gained their confidence in the ability of the “Qualstanplus®” model to allow Granger’s Consultancy Services Ltd to become Associate Consultants.

Everything that doesn’t happen by accident happens by design


We believe that ‘Quality’ is what happens when what is promised is delivered on time within budget and the Customer is delighted with the result and building good working relationships with Clients. This is the standard we set ourselves which is measured by the referrals given us by our Clients.



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 68 Lane Crescent, Drongan, Ayrshire KA6 7AQ, UK

07955 901 989

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